The term HDR stands for high dynamic range imaging. Essentially HDR photography is often used to reproduce a greater range of luminosity, that cannot be achieved without HDR photography. When using HDR photography, it should be used on photos that are dark and have shadows, also HDR photography often helps photos of landscape look better.

My Inspiration

  1. The thought of making something unique to myself
  2. The universe
  3. Looking at interesting photos/drawings
  4. Success
  5. Listening to music
  6. Taking a stroll
  7. Exercising
  8. Drawing
  9. Writing
  10. Talking about something I find amazing with someone else

List of 5 Tips for Portraits with Character

  1. A way to make your subject look like they’re in their natural comfortable state for a portrait is by having them do something they enjoy.
  2. Think about how to use lighting, color, use of black and white, and the background to better tell your story of the photograph
  3. Using black and white can drastically change the mood of the picture, try using it on images that hold good shapes, texture, and light
  4. A great way to portray someone’s personality better is by taking their portrait photos at their home
  5. Take a good look at the objects around the subject of the photo, it can really change up the feeling of the picture


  1. Landscape Photography-Average Pay- $51,929
  2. Fashion Photography-Average Pay- $43,400
  3. Scientific Photography-Average Pay- $41,040
  4. Portrait Photography-Average Pay- $36,290
  5. Wildlife Photography-Average Pay- $40,676
  6. Wedding Photography-Average Pay-  $44,042
  7. Advertising Photography-Average Pay- $50,000
  8. Photojournalism-Average Pay- $41,958
  9. Architectural Photography-Average Pay- $51,847
  10. Editorial Photography- Average Pay- $52,847

I enjoy taking photos and editing them but I do not see myself doing this in the future, however I do see myself doing one particular field of photography and that is sport photography. The future career I want is being a physical trainer or a job that involves physical activity. I could integrate photography into my future career choice by taking photos of a bodies physical transformation. Also to study the body as well.

Candid Moments/Photojournalism

My family and I are looking at the scenery across the frozen lake. We are at Big Bear because we wanted to experience it for ourselves.
My friends and family are celebrating my birthday. I celebrated it at my house because I can have great time anywhere really when I’m with my friends and family.
This is my family having a happy moment. We are at my little brothers graduation at his school, celebrating his graduation from kindergarten.

His work is really amazing because he is capturing history in the making in some of the photos he has captured. The way he is able to pinpoint when to take a photo in a impactful moment is what makes his photography so great to me of course. Photojournalism is not easy to be good at, but he is able to tell a story with one photo as if it were nothing. Something else I enjoy about his work is that he doesn’t just photograph happy moments, he captures moments when people are down or something bad is currently happening during that instance. He shows people how ugly life can be in certain parts of the world, how cruel life is in itself. Despite most people not wanting to see these types of photos, they bring much more awareness to people and can teach them what is happening in other places and how people are being treated. Photography can be used to unite people and to help out more and bring more light to the dark.

Shoot like Aaron Siskind

Snapseed and Procam
Snapseed and Procam
I love how strong the contrast and abstract the photos he takes are. Something else I like is that he often takes photos of things as flat surfaces. The final thing I really like about his work is that he captures the detail really well in his photos.

Photojournalism Job

Photojournalism is telling a story by using photographs shot by a camera. Instead of writing a story like a journalist they tell the story of someone or somewhere with just photographs. The equipment needed for this job is good glass lens, two dslr bodies, a TTL strobe, a flash modifier, batteries, memory cards, something to clean your equipment, and a bag to carry all these things.