Synopsis and Thoughts on Being a Photographer

5 photographers from the United States have have come together to compete and prove that they not only have the technical skills but also the artistic voice to change the world around them. The 5 photographers names are Roxy Rodriguez, Chris Palermo, Jamiya Wilson, Scott Borrero, and Andrew Kearns. They’re being tested on a series of photographic challenges. Judging not just on technical ability but the ability of their eye as well. In the challenge they’re given a subject to photograph and their objective is to capture the subjects essence and their personality. They’re given an option to choose their camera and set up. Each of the photographer get a certain amount of time to photograph their subject and there are 3 judges who judge their pictures and choose who is eliminated and who is not.

My thoughts on being a photographer is that it’s a job that has peeked my interest a few times and seems like an interesting job. Considering all the factors, I do see this as an option for me when choosing jobs. It seems fun because you’re able to travel a lot due to the expense of your job. I enjoy photographing as well. I’m still not sure what job I want in the future however photography is definitely an option.



                                           1. I have a decent composition in this photo, it’s not the best but it will suffice

2. I believe i edited my photo well it’s just that the photo itself for some reason looks blurrier than on my phone.

3. I would try to find a better frame because It was difficult finding a frame, so I would be prepared next time.

4. This particular photograph I do not believe it should be on the blog home page because this particular assignment isn’t really my forte.

                                          1. Yes, I have a strong composition in my opinion in this particular photograph.

2. I edited this photo well because I made the colors pop out more.

3. I would get a bit more lighting into this photo If i were to shoot this again.

4. I’m going to say the same about this photograph and say no it does not belong on the blog page because like I said before this is not my preferred way of taking photos.

File Formats

JPEG – These images are compressed quickly in the camera which results loss of detail and quality

TIFF – The file formats are usually uncompressed and are bigger files due to this, they offer extensive pos-processing

RAW – These files are usually found on advanced compact cameras and it is best if you want to get the best file from your camera. They are compressed using a process that retains all the info captured originally.

PNG – They are compressed in a lossless format, retaining its digital detail and they are not big file sizes

GIF – GIF files are perfect for the internet, the image quality is not sacrificed, they can be transparent, and allow for animation as well

BMP – A lossless file that come in large file sizes as color data saved in each individual pixel in the image without any compression, which allows a high quality digital file to be produced

PSD – Adobe photo shop uses this as a default to save data, it also allows for manipulation on specific individual layers

Surrealist Artist: Vladimir Kush

This is my favorite picture of surrealism that I could find on the internet. This image was created by Vladmir Kush. I really like the meaning behind this picture, or you could say the meaning I took from this picture. People can interpret pictures in different ways, however I think it is pretty clear cut to tell what this picture is trying to tell us in this instance. The picture depicts a phonograph playing music, but instead of the regular tube where music comes out from it is a flower, the background is filled with plant life and flowers. I believe it is trying to tell us that music is something as precious as life because the plant life and flower indicate life in my opinion. It is something extremely unique in life that is something that has been on Earth for as long as I can remember and you can not replicate it.

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode – It tell your camera the optimal shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash.It will give you good results most of the time.

Portrait Mode – This mode automatically selects a large aperture which helps with keeping the background out of focus.It is best for photographing a single subject.

Macro Mode – It moves you closer to your subject so that you can take a close up picture. In macro mode focusing is much harder at short distances.

Landscape Mode – This is pretty much the opposite of portrait mode because it is set up with a small aperture. The reason why it has a small aperture is to try to capture everything in focus as possible.

Sports Mode – This mode is ideally for taking photographs of moving subjects. It attempts to freeze the action of the moving object by increasing the shutter speed.

Night Mode – As the name suggests this mode is primarily good for taking pictures in low light. It sets your camera up with a longer shutter speed and flash to help capture details more precisely.

Movie Mode – This mode allows your camera to capture moving images. The quality of this mode is definitely not up to video camera standards, however it is a useful mode if you come across something you can’t take a still photo of.

Aperture Priority Mode – This is a semi-automatic mode which makes you choose the aperture and then the camera chooses the other settings. It is pretty self explanatory because it is a simple mode just for adjusting aperture.

Shutter Priority Mode – This mode is pretty much the same as the previous mode I explained, in the sense that it allows you to select the shutter speed and your camera chooses the rest of the settings itself.

Program Mode – It is similar to auto mode, but it gives you a bit more control. It allows you to control flash, white balance, ISO, etc.

Manual Mode – This mode gives you full control over your settings. You are the one changing all the settings and adjusting them to your liking.

5 Tips to Photograph Great Portraits

  1. When taking a photograph of a portrait it is important to always focus on the eyes of the person your’e photographing.
  2. When taking a picture outside it is better to shoot in the shade because harsh sunlight can ruin your photo.
  3. Fill your frame with your subject.
  4. Including texture is always important as well
  5. Shooting from different angles allows your to capture different moments of your subject better

Conceptual Self Portrait

AP: 1.7 ISO: 32 S: 1/408

Conceptual means something relating to, so in this instance it would mean something that relates to you in some sort of way. Something that can describe you as a person or what defines you as a person. This photograph conceptually and visually represents something about me because of these reasons. My favorite sport is basketball as you can tell by the photo. Basketball has taught me many things despite it just being a sport. It’s just many people don’t see it that way and may think of you as childish for using basketball as a means for learning new things. In reality though you can learn a lot from many things that may not even relate to your life. It’s just a matter of thinking this way. Always trying to learn something is a great mindset to have and something I strive for. I started playing basketball in sixth grade but before that I did not have a real hobby or something I really enjoyed as much as basketball. Usually kids have a favorite sport before this time however I did not, but once I discovered basketball it became favorite sport by far. It helps take my mind off things when I have a lot going on in my mind. I enjoy shooting around on my basketball court whenever I am thinking about something, it helps clear my mind and make a better decision than I would if I wasn’t playing basketball. Basketball has also helped me to make many friends, it helps connect everybody playing together and sometimes you may even find a precious friend that will stick with you your whole life. I have already found a few friends through basketball who I have known for the longest. Basketball can be something more than a sport if you think of it that way and enjoy playing the game.